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As part of afterschool programs with homework assistance, students are provided with a location and time to complete their homework, as well as instructional assistance. This mixed-method study investigated the program content and delivery processes of seven high-functioning homework programs. Results of this study
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03.11.2009 -
Resource Type: Reports & Papers. Author(s):, Huang, Denise; Cho, Jamie;. Date Issued: Spring 2009. Description: An examination of the commonalities and strategies of 7 after school homework programs from across the country that are associated with improved student academic achievement for students mainly from low
Produced for the U.S. Department of Education by the National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning. Common Practices in High ... Common Practices in High Functioning Afterschool Programs: The. National Partnership for ..... students' participation in afterschool programs is beneficial to academic achievement and.
Students for Tomorrow enrichment program¹. CRESST is pleased to share this brief with the ... Common Practices in High Functioning Afterschool Programs Across the Nation in Math, Reading, Science, Arts, Technology, and Homework—A Study by the National Partnership.” The report (as well as numerous afterschool
English Journal, 98(2), 40–45. Huang, D., & Cho, J. (2009). Academic enrichment in high-functioning homework afterschool programs. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 23(3), 382–392. Mendicino, M., Razzaq, L., & Heffernan, N. (2009). A comparison of traditional homework to computer-supported homework.
Learning and development in after-school programs. Phi Delta Kappan, 92(5), 66–69. Huang, D., & Cho, J. (2009). Academic enrichment in high–functioning homework after-school programs. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 23, 382–392. Litke, E. (2009). After the bell rings: Student perceptions of after–school.
Hsiung, C. M. (2012). The effectiveness of cooperative learning. Journal of Engineering Education, 101(1), 119–37. Huang, D., & Cho, J. (2009). Academic enrichment in high functioning homework afterschool programs. TheJournal of Research in Childhood Education, 23(3), 382–392. Huang, S., Belliveau, J. W., Tengshe,
With the perceived demand for higher academic per- formance ... homework-assistance programs can serve a protective function for children at-risk for school ..... Homework assistance, tutoring, and cultural enrichment. Quasi-experimental (participant and comparison groups). Program served a protective function; dosage.

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