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How to Write an Autoethnography. An ethnography is an examination of a group or a culture, specifically about things we call. “folkways” — customs and beliefs practiced by a particular group. Auto” means “self.” The word “autoethnography” may look like the word “autobiography” to you, because they both start with “auto”
To concretize the essay, you will frame the analysis around a specific memory/experience you had that reveals great insight into the culture to which you belong and which you are examining in your autoethnography. The writing, research and critical thinking goals of this assignment are: •. Become aware of expectations of
Instructions. Choosing a Topic. For our final project for the class, you will be asked to select a subculture that you have currently chosen to be a part of or one that you will choose to connect yourself to and to investigate this subculture in a larger research paper called an autoethnography. For this immediate assignment,
readers, convey in another way the significance of your autoethnography, and/or appeal to your readers from a different register. 5.​ ​. Your completed essay should have a title and be at least 12001500 words in length. Project Submission. ○ Rough Draft: Your rough draft will be submitted for peer review and to your
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According to Freebody and Luke (1990) reading is a complicated task and when people read they use 4 resources to construct meaning from the text. Freebody and Luke developed the four resources model which includes; code breaker, text participant (or meaning maker), text user and text analysis. These fours recourses
Autoethnography Essay. For this assignment you have a variety of options. Central to each of these is to present an analysis of a culture in which you are a member in such a way that an outsider to that culture can gain insight. Option 1: Write an essay that explores an event or memory that defines your place in a particular
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Sometimes There are No Notes: An Auto Ethnographic Essay of a Collaboration at the Engagement Interface. Diane M. Doberneck, Paula K. Miller, and John H. Schweitzer. Abstract. This autoethnographic essay represents the authors' critical reflection on their experiences partnering with Liz Lerman and. Dance Exchange
For my Autoethnography, I am going to look at my writing and try to create my own definition for I. I think it is going to be interesting looking over all of my papers and try to figure out why I wrote what I did or if I have any comparisons with my other papers. Looking at my five essays dealing with my senses, along with my blogs

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