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In his Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals, Kant applied the concept of autonomy also to define the concept of personhood and human dignity. Autonomy, along with rationality, are seen by Kant as the two criteria for a meaningful life. Kant would consider a life lived without these not worth living; it would be a life of
This chapter distinguishes the various claims that make up the thesis that autonomy of the will is the foundation of morality, and offers a reconstruction of the arguments on which they depend. To do so it argues that autonomy should be interpreted as a kind of sovereignty. The model for the autonomous agent is the political
Penner, James, 93 Plant, Raymond, 146 Plato, 122 Postema, Gerald: autonomy thesis: definition, 153 weak versus strong, 153–54 creation myth, 2, 152–53 criticism of Raz's autonomy thesis, 58 doctrine of artificial reason, 35 'Law's Autonomy and Public Practical Reason', 151 power, 67 directed powers, 142–43 Practical
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Define autonomy. autonomy synonyms, autonomy pronunciation, autonomy translation, English dictionary definition of autonomy. n. pl. au·ton·o·mies 1. The condition or quality of being autonomous; independence. 2. a. Self-government or the right of self-government;...
2 For a general overview on the various strands of the discussion on (personal) autonomy see Christman 1989,. Taylor 2005 ... relationships between autonomy and the self by highlighting two respective theses which not ... define one's self anew through one's actions; hence Sartre's slogan “existence precedes essence,”.
The two positions argued by Socrates can be called the autonomy of ethics position (“the pious [is] loved…because it is pious”) and the divine command theory (“[it is] pious because it is loved”). Both have to deal with ... This is as circular a definition as God's Old Testament name, 'I AM WHAT I AM'. These two definitions of
According to the Autonomy Thesis, (1) “promises are by definition creations of obligations”and(2) “obligations areby definition reasons for action” (Searle2001: 194). Itfollowsthat if we promiseto do something iniquitous, asSearle thinksis possible, we thereby acquire reasonstoact accordingly. The Autonomy Thesis leavesit
modern grammars, despite some dissent, no such grounding (in meaning) has been attributed to syntax. This attitude culminates in the thesis of the 'autonomy of syntax' which was put forward in transformational-generative grammar. In what follows here it is argued that the consequences of this are very unfortunate.
Here the Neutrality Thesis rules out that moral arguments are involved in the pursuit of an adequate definition of law. They must not be a rationale for a stipulation of a particular basic juridical expression. And it seems to be exactly this concern which haunted Kelsen in the course of setting up his Pure Theory of Law, for he

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